=============== Tether Payment ===============

Payment By Tether (Cryptocurrency)

  1. The price for each algorithm is 10 Tether
  2. No training videos in all code packages
  3. No English description in all codes
  4. After paying and sending the requested items to our email, the purchased file will be sent to you within 24 hours at the most



MatlabHome Tether address   (TRC20 – Tron Network)


Send the following to matlabhome.ir@gmail.com
  1. Transaction Link:
  2. Post Link:
  3. Algorithm Name (from the algorithms list):

For Example:

Payment By Tether For Matlabhome


Algorithms List :

Ant Colony Optimization

Ant Lion Optimizer

Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm

Artificial Bee Colony

Bat Algorithm

Biogeography Based Optimization

Black Hole Algorithm

Crow Search Algorithm

Cuckoo Search

Cultural Algorithm

Differential Evolution

Dragonfly Algorithm

Firefly Algorithm

Fruit Fly Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm

Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm

Gravitational Search Algorithm

Grey Wolf Optimization

Harmony Search

Harris Hawks Optimization

Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Krill Herd Algorithm

Moth Flame Optimizer

Multi Verse Optimizer

Particle Swarm Optimization

Salp Swarm Algorithm

Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

Simulated Annealing

Sine Cosine Algorithm

Whale Optimization Algorithm

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